Scope of Work

We specialize in learning experiences for your staff or team centered around the intersection of wellness and anti-bias, anti-racist (ABAR) work. We are skilled in building teams and learning communities that can do the deep work of racial justice while cultivating a culture of collective care and well-being. Some of our favorite areas of focus are: helping organizations to build race-based affinity spaces; story-telling as a tool for racial justice; decolonizing educational spaces; addressing social-emotional learning through an equity lens; and mindfulness, breathing, resilience, and other well-being strategies. 

Testimonies & Feedback

"I really enjoyed having the opportunity to participate in a race-based affinity space. These conversations feel very healing and enlightening."

"Loved having the chance to have real and authentic conversations about race with people from across the district. Loved this!"

"Shout-out to Madeline and Mariah for opening up the space for this work. I loved the chance just to discuss race with my breakout group."

"Mariah is always an amazing presenter. The combination of her and Madeline is awesome. They set us up for deep conversation in safe spaces."

"Mariah & Madeline are excellent facilitators."

"THIS WAS JUST WHAT WE NEED! Can we please have more chances to do this work?"

Survey results from a February  2021 workshop with Civitas Education Partners (Chicago)

"Decolonizing SEL"


Parent feedback from an Indianapolis daycare we work with


Recently featured at the White Privilege Conference (WPC 22).


Recently featured at the Leading Equity: The Art of Advocacy Summit with Dr. Sheldon Eakins. 

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